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The author Hugh Davis was born in Meridian Ms. where he has spent most of his life. This book is intended to let you look inside his life and true adventures as a game warden. Hold on to your seat; the stories begin.


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Table of Contents

1.  The Power of Wives’ Persuasion

2.  Almost Shot - Mistaken Identity

3.  Railroad Maintenance Car

4.  Knife and Shotgun Threat, Easy Sunday?

5.  Close Call

6.  Game Warden has a Heart

7.  Navy Base Night Hunting

8.  Turkey Hunting over Bait

9.  Head lighting– Got a Live One!

10. Fatal Mistake? Almost!

11. Hunting from the Road

12. Stakeout in a Graveyard

13. Snagging Catfish

14. Killers on Mississippi-Alabama Line

15. Turkey, Two Bagger

16. Chihuahua, Steel Trap - Lady Called Governor

17. Christmas Day

18. Caught “Red-handed” with Footprint Evidence

19. Standing under Shooting House at Night

20. Armed Robber Protecting Girlfriend

21. Drunk & Disorderly

22. Arrogant Insolent Hunter

23. Who Shot What?

24. Handcuffs and Snow

25. Game Warden Buys Pulp Wood Hauler Ticket Home for Christmas

26. Game Warden Tells Guy -Take Yourself to Jail

27. Dangerous, but No Free Zones to Hunt

28. Sunday Morning Mercy vs. Justice

29. Judge and Alabama Lawyer’s Browning Shotgun

30. Head lighting! Who me?

31. Shoot or Don't Shoot? The Ever Present Danger

32. Threatened! Hog Wash

33. The Judges Question

34. Electric Fence

35. The Man with a Gun and Desire



Chapter 22:  Arrogant Insolent Hunter

Senior Game Warden tells me don't work an area near the Alabama line, they will shoot you. Surrounded, men with guns, what now?


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